Our Team

A group of vibrant, joyful, and inspiring people. At FruitLips we focus on healthy minds, healthy bodies and the balance between work and play. The FruitLips team produces love which can be spread, whilst maintaining the world’s best practices in food safety and sensational taste experiences. The FruitLips team have a passion for what they do and can be tasted in every bite of FruitLips as it is a delicious experience.

Deidré Eigelaar


Elouise Josephs

Production Manager

Liebré Jacobs


Johan Josephs

QC & HR Manager

Riani Goliath

Management Assistant

Shannen Adams

Senior Cook

Courtney Goliath

General Worker

Janet Frans

General Worker

Jenay Koordom

General Worker

Jernay Monk

General Worker

Marlene Hendricks

General Worker

Gert Carolus

General Worker

Andritte Kayster

Junior Worker

Chenayda Esau

Junior Worker

Geruldia Jantjies

Junior Worker

Jacques van Wyk

Junior Worker

Lucille Hanekom

Junior Worker

Christo van Rooy

Driver Assistant

Thabo Jaji


Betty van Rooy


Deether Aries

Quality Control Assistant