FruitLips factory renovations 2019

Today marks the finishing of our first phase of the FruitLips factory renovations. Since February 2019 the FruitLips factory has been under construction. to triple the capacity of our factory. The new factory is built with the highest food grade laws and legislation internationally recognised. Our three shareholders Deidre Eigelaar, Elouise Josephs and Liebre Jacobs has put a lot of thought into the factory. The layout of the new factory is what Elouise and Liebre have been dreaming of since they have started FruitLips in February 2014.

We are planning a phase 2 and 3 for the renovations of the factory that includes state of the art cooling and freezing units, new space for our red earthworms and storage space for the raw materials such as lids, glass jars and pallets. Phase 2 and 3 will start November 2019 and we estimate that the two phases will be completed by March 2020.

The team is very excited for the renovations to be 100% completed, then we can produce at full capacity to satisfy the need of jams to our clientele.

Keep a look out on our website, a video of the new factory will be loaded.