Plum sauces for all occasions

Duo plum braai sauces for any occasion

Before the days of FruitLips, Elouise created a sauce from ripe plums due to the availability of plums in the Piket-Bo-Berg area. The goal of the sauce was that it can me used on various occasions and for many recipes. As the years went by the plum braai sauce became the preferred house hold sauce to cook, dip, braai and marinade meats and vegetables. The recipes we received from clients were endless. Here is just a few tips on how to use our two plum braai sauces;

  1. Marinade for venison
  2. Dipping sauce for snack platter with carrots and celery sticks
  3. Basting sauce for chicken and rice oven dish
  4. “Braaibroodjie” with cheese, tomato, onion and plum braai sauce
  5. Steak basting sauce while braaiing the beef
  6. Basting sauce with beef or chicken hamburgers to either braai of cook in the oven