Cheese platter tips & tricks

The tips and tricks behind a cheese platter

  1. Choose three different types of cheese that differ in taste. The one cheese should be a mild cheese like normal cream cheese or white Gouda, the second cheese should be a medium strong cheese that is either Brie or Cheddar and the third cheese should be a strong cheese such as Gorgonzola, Camembert or Parmesan.
  2. Choose three types of jams that has a difference in taste. One very sweet jam such as the FruitLips strawberry jam with rose flavour, then a more plain yet tasteful jam like the FruitLips cape black fig jam and then a preserve that can either be the FruitLips watermelon preserve of the traditional green fig preserve.
  3. The items added to the the cheese platter that brings a little saltiness to the platter should be a different colour than the jams selected above. When using the above jams it would be best to make use of sun dried tomatoes and green olives.
  4. The ham selection is always a nice to have, but not necessary. Here we would suggest to have one type of country ham and one type of salami.
  5. Fresh fruit is the final touch to the perfect cheese platter, it bring colour and a fresh feel to the platter. This can be any fruit that is in season, from pears, strawberries, plums or grapes.

Tag us in your next image when making a cheese platter. We love to see how the FruitLips produces are used in a cheese platter.